Carretera Austral, Chile

10 day itinerary for Carretera Austral, Chile

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The Carretera Austral is a stunning road trip destination in Chile, with breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders. Here's an ideal itinerary for 10 days in Carretera Austral:

Day 1: Start your journey in Puerto Montt and drive to Hornopirén. This small town is the gateway to the Carretera Austral and offers beautiful views of the Andes Mountains. Spend the day exploring the town and its surroundings.

Day 2: Take a ferry from Hornopirén to Caleta Gonzalo. This scenic ferry ride takes you through fjords and past glaciers. Once you arrive in Caleta Gonzalo, set up camp or find accommodation nearby.

Day 3: Explore Pumalín National Park, which is home to dense forests, waterfalls, and hot springs. Hike to the Cascada Escondida waterfall and soak in the Termas de Amarillo hot springs.

Day 4: Drive to Futaleufú, a charming town known for its world-class whitewater rafting. Spend the day rafting on the Futaleufú River or hiking in the surrounding mountains.

Day 5: Visit the Queulat National Park, which is home to the Queulat Hanging Glacier. Take a hike to the viewpoint and marvel at the glacier's beauty.

Day 6: Drive to Coyhaique, the largest city in the region. Explore the city's museums, markets, and restaurants.

Day 7: Visit the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, which is known for its jagged peaks and turquoise lakes. Take a hike to Laguna Cerro Castillo for stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Day 8: Drive to Puerto Rio Tranquilo, a small town on the shores of General Carrera Lake. Take a boat tour to the Marble Caves, a series of caves and tunnels carved out of marble by the lake's waves.

Day 9: Visit the Exploradores Glacier, one of the few glaciers in the world that is still advancing. Take a guided tour to hike on the glacier and explore its ice caves.

Day 10: Drive back to Puerto Montt, stopping at any sights or towns you missed on the way up. End your trip with a delicious seafood dinner in Puerto Montt.

I hope this itinerary helps you plan your road trip in Carretera Austral!

Places of interest

Puerto Montt Carretera Austral, Chile

Puerto Montt

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Hornopirén Carretera Austral, Chile


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Andes Mountains Carretera Austral, Chile

Andes Mountains

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Caleta Gonzalo Carretera Austral, Chile

Caleta Gonzalo

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Pumalín National Park Carretera Austral, Chile

Pumalín National Park

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Cascada Escondida waterfall Carretera Austral, Chile

Cascada Escondida waterfall

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Termas de Amarillo hot springs Carretera Austral, Chile

Termas de Amarillo hot springs

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Futaleufú Carretera Austral, Chile


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Futaleufú River Carretera Austral, Chile

Futaleufú River

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Queulat National Park Carretera Austral, Chile

Queulat National Park

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Queulat Hanging Glacier Carretera Austral, Chile

Queulat Hanging Glacier

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Coyhaique Carretera Austral, Chile


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Cerro Castillo National Reserve Carretera Austral, Chile

Cerro Castillo National Reserve

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Laguna Cerro Castillo Carretera Austral, Chile

Laguna Cerro Castillo

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Puerto Rio Tranquilo Carretera Austral, Chile

Puerto Rio Tranquilo

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General Carrera Lake Carretera Austral, Chile

General Carrera Lake

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Marble Caves Carretera Austral, Chile

Marble Caves

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Exploradores Glacier Carretera Austral, Chile

Exploradores Glacier

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