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7 day itinerary for Castellon, Spain

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Here's a suggested itinerary for 7 days in Castellon, Spain that meets all your requirements:

Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation

After arriving in Castellon, take some time to relax and unwind. Check into your hotel and enjoy the amenities. Take a stroll around the city center and explore the local shops and cafes. In the evening, head out for some delicious tapas at one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.

Day 2: Electric Bike Tour

Start your day with an electric bike tour of the city. This is a great way to see the sights while getting some exercise. You can rent an electric bike from one of the many rental shops in the city. The tour will take you through the beautiful countryside and along the coast, where you can enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 3: Hiking in the Mountains

Today, take a break from the city and head to the mountains for a day of hiking. There are many trails to choose from, ranging from easy to difficult. You can hike through lush forests, past waterfalls, and up to stunning viewpoints. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks for the journey.

Day 4: Beach Day

Castellon is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Spend the day lounging on the sand, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, and soaking up the sun. There are many beaches to choose from, including Playa del Pinar, Playa de la Concha, and Playa del Serradal.

Day 5: Visit a Nature Reserve

Castellon is home to several nature reserves, including the Sierra de Espadan Natural Park and the Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca Natural Park. These parks offer a variety of activities, including hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife spotting. Spend the day exploring the natural beauty of the area.

Day 6: Wine Tasting

Castellon is known for its delicious wines. Take a tour of one of the local wineries and enjoy a tasting of some of the best wines in the region. You can also learn about the wine-making process and the history of the area's wine industry.

Day 7: Departure

On your last day in Castellon, take some time to reflect on your trip and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. If you have time, visit any sights or attractions that you may have missed during your stay. Then, it's time to say goodbye to this beautiful city and head home.

Places of interest

City center Castellon,  Spain

City center

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Local shops and cafes Castellon,  Spain

Local shops and cafes

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Bars and restaurants Castellon,  Spain

Bars and restaurants

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Electric bike tour Castellon,  Spain

Electric bike tour

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Countryside Castellon,  Spain


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Coast Castellon,  Spain


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Mediterranean Sea Castellon,  Spain

Mediterranean Sea

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Mountains Castellon,  Spain


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Hiking trails Castellon,  Spain

Hiking trails

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Lush forests Castellon,  Spain

Lush forests

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Waterfalls Castellon,  Spain


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Viewpoints Castellon,  Spain


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Beaches (Playa del Pinar Castellon,  Spain

Beaches (Playa del Pinar

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Nature reserves (Sierra de Espadan Natural Park Castellon,  Spain

Nature reserves (Sierra de Espadan Natural Park

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Hiking Castellon,  Spain


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Birdwatching Castellon,  Spain


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Wildlife spotting Castellon,  Spain

Wildlife spotting

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Wineries Castellon,  Spain


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Wine tasting Castellon,  Spain

Wine tasting

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Sights and attractions Castellon,  Spain

Sights and attractions

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