3 day itinerary for Coonoor

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Sure, I'd be happy to help you plan your 3-day itinerary in Coonoor. Here's a suggested itinerary:

Day 1:

  • Start your day with a visit to Sim's Park, a beautiful botanical garden with a variety of plants and trees.
  • Next, head to Dolphin's Nose, a viewpoint that offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys.
  • After that, visit the tea gardens and factories to learn about the tea-making process and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea.
  • In the evening, take a leisurely stroll through the town and explore the local markets.

Day 2:

  • Begin your day with a visit to the Law's Falls, a picturesque waterfall surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Next, head to the Highfield Tea Factory to learn about the history of tea in Coonoor and enjoy a tea-tasting session.
  • After that, visit the Wellington Gymkhana Club, a colonial-era club that offers a glimpse into the town's past.
  • In the evening, enjoy a scenic drive to Lamb's Rock, a viewpoint that offers breathtaking views of the Nilgiri Hills.

Day 3:

  • Start your day with a visit to the Catherine Falls, a stunning waterfall that cascades down from a height of 250 feet.
  • Next, head to the Ralliah Dam, a serene spot that offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the town.
  • After that, visit the Droog Fort, a historic fort that offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys.
  • In the evening, enjoy a relaxing stroll through the tea gardens and soak in the natural beauty of Coonoor.

I hope this itinerary helps you plan your trip to Coonoor. Have a great time exploring this beautiful hill station!

Places of interest

Sim's Park Coonoor

Sim's Park

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Dolphin's Nose viewpoint Coonoor

Dolphin's Nose viewpoint

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Tea gardens and factories Coonoor

Tea gardens and factories

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Local markets Coonoor

Local markets

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Law's Falls Coonoor

Law's Falls

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Highfield Tea Factory Coonoor

Highfield Tea Factory

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Wellington Gymkhana Club Coonoor

Wellington Gymkhana Club

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Lamb's Rock viewpoint Coonoor

Lamb's Rock viewpoint

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Catherine Falls Coonoor

Catherine Falls

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Ralliah Dam Coonoor

Ralliah Dam

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Droog Fort Coonoor

Droog Fort

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