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A backpacking trip in Europe is an amazing experience. Here's an ideal itinerary for 3 days in Europe:

Day 1:

  • Start your day early and head to Paris, France.
  • Visit the iconic Eiffel Tower and take a stroll along the Seine River.
  • Head to the Louvre Museum and explore the art collections.
  • In the evening, visit Montmartre and enjoy the view of the city from the top of the hill.

Day 2:

  • Take a train to Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Visit the Van Gogh Museum and learn about the life and works of the famous artist.
  • Take a walk around the beautiful canals and enjoy the scenery.
  • In the evening, visit the Red Light District and experience the nightlife.

Day 3:

This itinerary will give you a taste of three different European cities and their unique cultures. Make sure to pack light and wear comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of walking involved. Have fun and enjoy your backpacking trip!

Places of interest

Paris Europe


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Eiffel Tower Europe

Eiffel Tower

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Seine River Europe

Seine River

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Louvre Museum Europe

Louvre Museum

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Montmartre Europe


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Amsterdam Europe


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Van Gogh Museum Europe

Van Gogh Museum

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Canals Europe


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Red Light District Europe

Red Light District

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Berlin Europe


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Berlin Wall Europe

Berlin Wall

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Brandenburg Gate Europe

Brandenburg Gate

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Reichstag building Europe

Reichstag building

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East Side Gallery Europe

East Side Gallery

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