1 day itinerary for Indore

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Sure, I'd be happy to help you plan your one-day itinerary in Indore!

Day 1:

8:00 AM - Start your day with a visit to the Rajwada Palace, which is located in the heart of the city. This palace was built by the Holkars and is a perfect example of Maratha architecture.

10:00 AM - Next, head to the Lal Bagh Palace, which is another beautiful palace that was built during the Holkar dynasty. The palace has a stunning collection of artifacts and antiques that are worth exploring.

12:00 PM - After visiting the Lal Bagh Palace, take a break for lunch at Sarafa Bazaar, which is a popular street food destination in Indore. You can try some of the local delicacies like poha jalebi, chaat, and samosas.

2:00 PM - After lunch, head to the Kanch Mandir, which is a Jain temple made entirely of glass. The temple is beautifully decorated with mirrors and glass panels, making it a unique attraction in Indore.

4:00 PM - Next, visit the Annapurna Temple, which is dedicated to the goddess of food. The temple is known for its beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere.

6:00 PM - End your day with a visit to the Chokhi Dhani, which is a cultural village that showcases the traditional lifestyle of Rajasthan. Here, you can enjoy a traditional Rajasthani dinner and watch cultural performances.

I hope this itinerary helps you make the most of your one-day trip to Indore!

Places of interest

Rajwada Palace Indore

Rajwada Palace

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Lal Bagh Palace Indore

Lal Bagh Palace

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Sarafa Bazaar Indore

Sarafa Bazaar

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Kanch Mandir Indore

Kanch Mandir

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Annapurna Temple Indore

Annapurna Temple

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Chokhi Dhani Indore

Chokhi Dhani

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