5 day itinerary for Iran

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Here's a suggested itinerary for 5 days in Iran that's perfect for families:

Day 1: Arrival in Tehran

  • Arrive in Tehran and check into your hotel
  • Visit the Golestan Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Tehran's most popular attractions
  • Explore the Tehran Bazaar, where you can find everything from spices to souvenirs
  • Enjoy a traditional Iranian dinner at a local restaurant

Day 2: Tehran

  • Visit the National Museum of Iran, which houses an impressive collection of artifacts from ancient Persia
  • Take a stroll through the beautiful Laleh Park, a popular spot for families to relax and enjoy the outdoors
  • Visit the Milad Tower, the tallest tower in Iran, for panoramic views of the city
  • Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant and try some traditional Iranian dishes

Day 3: Isfahan

  • Take a morning flight to Isfahan, one of Iran's most beautiful cities
  • Visit the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest public squares in the world
  • Explore the stunning Imam Mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, both located on the square
  • Take a walk along the Zayandeh River and enjoy the beautiful bridges that cross it
  • Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant and try some Isfahan specialties

Day 4: Isfahan

  • Visit the Chehel Sotoun Palace, a beautiful 17th-century palace with stunning gardens
  • Explore the Vank Cathedral, a beautiful Armenian church with stunning frescoes and artwork
  • Visit the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, one of the oldest and most important mosques in Iran
  • Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant and try some more delicious Iranian cuisine

Day 5: Departure

  • Take a morning flight back to Tehran
  • Visit the Sa'dabad Palace, a beautiful complex of palaces and gardens that was once the summer residence of the Shah of Iran
  • Enjoy some last-minute shopping at the Tehran Bazaar
  • Depart for the airport and say goodbye to Iran

I hope this itinerary helps you plan your trip to Iran! Let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything else I can help you with.

Places of interest

Golestan Palace Iran

Golestan Palace

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Tehran Bazaar Iran

Tehran Bazaar

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National Museum of Iran Iran

National Museum of Iran

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Laleh Park Iran

Laleh Park

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Milad Tower Iran

Milad Tower

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Naqsh-e Jahan Square Iran

Naqsh-e Jahan Square

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Imam Mosque Iran

Imam Mosque

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Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Iran

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

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Zayandeh River Iran

Zayandeh River

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Chehel Sotoun Palace Iran

Chehel Sotoun Palace

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Vank Cathedral Iran

Vank Cathedral

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Jameh Mosque of Isfahan Iran

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

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Sa'dabad Palace Iran

Sa'dabad Palace

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