10 day itinerary for Italy

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Here's a 10-day itinerary for Italy that includes shopping, beaches, and food:

Day 1: Arrival in Rome

  • Check into your hotel and take some time to rest and freshen up
  • Head out to explore the city and visit some of the famous landmarks like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain
  • Stop for a delicious Italian dinner at a local restaurant

Day 2: Rome

Day 3: Florence

  • Take a train to Florence and check into your hotel
  • Spend the day exploring the city's famous art museums like the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery
  • Enjoy a traditional Tuscan dinner at a local restaurant

Day 4: Florence

  • Spend the day shopping for leather goods and other souvenirs in the city's markets and boutiques
  • Take a break from shopping to visit the beautiful Boboli Gardens
  • End the day with a sunset view of the city from Piazzale Michelangelo

Day 5: Cinque Terre

  • Take a train to the picturesque coastal town of Cinque Terre
  • Spend the day hiking between the five colorful villages and enjoying the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea
  • End the day with a seafood dinner at a local restaurant

Day 6: Cinque Terre

  • Spend the day relaxing on the beach and swimming in the crystal-clear waters
  • Enjoy a gelato or aperitivo at one of the beachside cafes
  • Watch the sunset over the sea before heading back to your hotel

Day 7: Amalfi Coast

  • Take a train to the Amalfi Coast and check into your hotel
  • Spend the day exploring the charming town of Positano and its beautiful beaches
  • Enjoy a seafood dinner at a local restaurant with a view of the sea

Day 8: Amalfi Coast

  • Spend the day on a boat tour of the coast, stopping at hidden coves and beaches along the way
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch on board the boat
  • End the day with a romantic dinner at a cliffside restaurant

Day 9: Naples

Day 10: Naples

  • Spend the day shopping for souvenirs and local specialties like limoncello and sfogliatelle
  • Take a stroll along the seafront promenade and enjoy the views of Mount Vesuvius
  • End your trip with a farewell dinner at a local restaurant, savoring the flavors of Italy one last time.

Places of interest

Colosseum Italy


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Pantheon Italy


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Trevi Fountain Italy

Trevi Fountain

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Vatican City Italy

Vatican City

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St. Peter's Basilica Italy

St. Peter's Basilica

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Trastevere neighborhood Italy

Trastevere neighborhood

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Tiber River Italy

Tiber River

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Uffizi Gallery Italy

Uffizi Gallery

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Accademia Gallery Italy

Accademia Gallery

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Boboli Gardens Italy

Boboli Gardens

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Piazzale Michelangelo Italy

Piazzale Michelangelo

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Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque Terre

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Mediterranean Sea Italy

Mediterranean Sea

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Amalfi Coast Italy

Amalfi Coast

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Positano Italy


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National Archaeological Museum Italy

National Archaeological Museum

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Pompeii and Herculaneum Italy

Pompeii and Herculaneum

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Naples Italy


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Mount Vesuvius Italy

Mount Vesuvius

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