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Here's an ideal itinerary for 3 days in London that will allow you to explore the city at a relaxed pace:

Day 1:

Start your day with a hearty breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Soho. After breakfast, head to the British Museum, which is one of the world's oldest and largest museums. Spend a few hours exploring the museum's vast collection of artifacts from around the world.

For lunch, head to Borough Market, which is one of London's most famous food markets. You'll find a wide variety of delicious food options here, from fresh seafood to artisanal cheeses.

After lunch, take a stroll along the South Bank of the River Thames. You'll pass by iconic landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and the Tate Modern art museum. End your day with a visit to the London Eye, where you can enjoy stunning views of the city from above.

Day 2:

Start your day with a visit to the Tower of London, which is a historic castle that has served as a royal palace, prison, and execution site over the centuries. Take a guided tour to learn about the tower's fascinating history.

For lunch, head to Brick Lane, which is known for its vibrant street art and diverse food scene. You'll find everything from Indian curries to Jewish bagels here.

In the afternoon, visit the West End and catch a matinee performance of a popular musical or play. There are plenty of theaters to choose from, so pick one that interests you.

End your day with a leisurely walk through Hyde Park, which is one of London's largest parks. You can rent a boat on the Serpentine Lake or simply relax on the grass and people-watch.

Day 3:

Start your day with a visit to St. Paul's Cathedral, which is one of London's most iconic landmarks. Climb to the top of the dome for stunning views of the city.

For lunch, head to Covent Garden, which is a bustling shopping and dining district. You'll find plenty of restaurants and cafes here, as well as street performers and boutique shops.

In the afternoon, visit the National Gallery, which is one of the world's most famous art museums. The museum's collection includes works by Van Gogh, Monet, and Botticelli, among others.

End your day with a visit to the iconic Buckingham Palace, which is the official residence of the British monarch. If you're lucky, you might even catch the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Places of interest

The Breakfast Club in Soho London

The Breakfast Club in Soho

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British Museum London

British Museum

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Borough Market London

Borough Market

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South Bank of the River Thames London

South Bank of the River Thames

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Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge

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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre London

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

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Tate Modern art museum London

Tate Modern art museum

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London Eye London

London Eye

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Tower of London London

Tower of London

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Brick Lane London

Brick Lane

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West End theaters London

West End theaters

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Hyde Park London

Hyde Park

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St. Paul's Cathedral London

St. Paul's Cathedral

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Covent Garden London

Covent Garden

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National Gallery London

National Gallery

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Buckingham Palace London

Buckingham Palace

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