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A luxury trip to Maui, Hawaii is a dream come true. Here's an ideal itinerary for 7 days in Maui:

Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation

Upon arrival at Kahului Airport, you will be greeted by your private driver who will take you to your luxurious resort. Check-in and spend the day relaxing on the beach or by the pool. Enjoy a spa treatment or indulge in some delicious Hawaiian cuisine.

Day 2: Road to Hana

Embark on a scenic drive along the Road to Hana, one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Stop at various waterfalls, beaches, and lookout points along the way. Have lunch at a local restaurant and return to your resort in the evening.

Day 3: Snorkeling and Beach Day

Spend the day snorkeling and soaking up the sun at one of Maui's beautiful beaches. Take a catamaran tour to Molokini Crater, a popular snorkeling spot, and swim with colorful fish and sea turtles. Return to your resort for a sunset dinner.

Day 4: Haleakala National Park

Wake up early and head to Haleakala National Park to watch the sunrise from the summit of the volcano. Afterward, explore the park's hiking trails and scenic vistas. Return to your resort for a relaxing afternoon.

Day 5: Maui Wine Tasting

Take a tour of Maui's wineries and vineyards, where you can sample locally produced wines and learn about the island's wine-making history. Have lunch at a nearby restaurant and return to your resort for an evening of relaxation.

Day 6: Luau and Cultural Experience

Experience a traditional Hawaiian luau, complete with hula dancing, fire knife performances, and a feast of local cuisine. Learn about Hawaiian culture and history through music and dance. Return to your resort for a nightcap.

Day 7: Departure

Spend your last day in Maui relaxing at the resort or exploring nearby attractions. Your private driver will take you to the airport for your departure flight.

This itinerary is designed to give you a taste of Maui's natural beauty, cultural experiences, and luxurious amenities. Enjoy your trip!

Places of interest

Maui Maui, Hawaii, Usa


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Kahului Airport Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Kahului Airport

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Luxurious resort Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Luxurious resort

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Beach Maui, Hawaii, Usa


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Pool Maui, Hawaii, Usa


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Spa treatment Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Spa treatment

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Hawaiian cuisine Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Hawaiian cuisine

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Road to Hana Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Road to Hana

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Waterfalls Maui, Hawaii, Usa


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Beaches Maui, Hawaii, Usa


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Lookout points Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Lookout points

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Local restaurant Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Local restaurant

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Snorkeling Maui, Hawaii, Usa


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Catamaran tour Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Catamaran tour

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Molokini Crater Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Molokini Crater

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Sea turtles Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Sea turtles

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Sunset dinner Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Sunset dinner

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Haleakala National Park Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Haleakala National Park

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Volcano Maui, Hawaii, Usa


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Hiking trails Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Hiking trails

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Scenic vistas Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Scenic vistas

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Maui's wineries and vineyards Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Maui's wineries and vineyards

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Locally produced wines Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Locally produced wines

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Wine-making history Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Wine-making history

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Luau Maui, Hawaii, Usa


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Hula dancing Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Hula dancing

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Fire knife performances Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Fire knife performances

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Feast of local cuisine Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Feast of local cuisine

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Hawaiian culture and history Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Hawaiian culture and history

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Music and dance Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Music and dance

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Nearby attractions Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Nearby attractions

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Private driver Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Private driver

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Departure flight Maui, Hawaii, Usa

Departure flight

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