5 day itinerary for Menorca

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Menorca is a beautiful island with plenty of things to see and do. Here's an ideal itinerary for 5 days in Menorca:

Day 1: Arrival and Beach Day

  • Arrive at Menorca airport and check into your hotel or Airbnb.
  • Head to one of the island's stunning beaches, such as Cala Galdana or Son Bou.
  • Spend the day soaking up the sun, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Day 2: Explore Ciutadella

  • Start your day with a delicious breakfast at one of the local cafes.
  • Take a stroll through the charming streets of Ciutadella, admiring the historic architecture and colorful buildings.
  • Visit the Cathedral of Menorca, which dates back to the 14th century.
  • Stop by the Plaça des Born, a picturesque square lined with cafes and shops.
  • In the evening, enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants in Ciutadella.

Day 3: Boat Tour and Snorkeling

  • Book a boat tour to explore the island's coastline and hidden coves.
  • Go snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters and discover the underwater world of Menorca.
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch on board the boat, surrounded by stunning views.
  • Return to shore in the late afternoon and relax at your hotel or Airbnb.

Day 4: Mahon and Monte Toro

  • Start your day with a visit to the capital city of Mahon.
  • Explore the historic center, including the impressive Church of Santa Maria and the Museum of Menorca.
  • Take a stroll along the harbor and watch the boats come and go.
  • In the afternoon, head to Monte Toro, the highest point on the island.
  • Climb to the top of the hill for panoramic views of Menorca.
  • Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to your accommodation.

Day 5: Cami de Cavalls and Sunset

  • Spend your final day hiking along the Cami de Cavalls, a scenic trail that circles the island.
  • Choose a section of the trail that suits your fitness level and enjoy the stunning views of the coastline.
  • In the evening, head to one of the island's many beaches to watch the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Enjoy a farewell dinner at a local restaurant before departing Menorca the next day.

I hope this itinerary helps you plan your trip to Menorca!

Places of interest

Cala Galdana Menorca

Cala Galdana

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Son Bou Menorca

Son Bou

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Ciutadella Menorca


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Cathedral of Menorca Menorca

Cathedral of Menorca

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Plaça des Born Menorca

Plaça des Born

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Boat tour Menorca

Boat tour

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Snorkeling Menorca


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Mahon Menorca


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Church of Santa Maria Menorca

Church of Santa Maria

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Museum of Menorca Menorca

Museum of Menorca

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Monte Toro Menorca

Monte Toro

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Cami de Cavalls Menorca

Cami de Cavalls

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Mediterranean Sea Menorca

Mediterranean Sea

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