8 day itinerary for Norway

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Norway is a beautiful country with so much to see and do. Here's an ideal itinerary for 8 days in Norway:

Day 1: Arrival in Oslo

Upon arrival in Oslo, you can spend the day exploring the city. Visit the Royal Palace, the Vigeland Sculpture Park, and the Oslo Opera House. Take a stroll along the waterfront and enjoy the views of the fjord.

Day 2: Oslo to Bergen

Take a scenic train ride from Oslo to Bergen. The journey takes around 7 hours and offers stunning views of the Norwegian countryside. Once you arrive in Bergen, explore the colorful Bryggen Wharf, the Fish Market, and the Fløibanen funicular.

Day 3: Bergen

Spend the day exploring Bergen. Visit the Bergenhus Fortress, the Hanseatic Museum, and the St. Mary's Church. Take a boat tour of the fjords and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Day 4: Bergen to Flam

Take a train from Bergen to Flam, which is known for its picturesque landscapes and the famous Flam Railway. Spend the day exploring the village and taking in the natural beauty of the area.

Day 5: Flam to Geiranger

Take a ferry from Flam to Geiranger, which is located in the heart of the fjords. Enjoy the stunning views of the mountains and waterfalls along the way. Once you arrive in Geiranger, take a hike to the Seven Sisters Waterfall or visit the Geirangerfjord.

Day 6: Geiranger to Alesund

Take a bus from Geiranger to Alesund, which is known for its Art Nouveau architecture. Explore the town and visit the Alesund Aquarium and the Jugendstilsenteret museum.

Day 7: Alesund to Trondheim

Take a train from Alesund to Trondheim, which is known for its Viking history and beautiful cathedral. Visit the Nidaros Cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace, and the Ringve Museum.

Day 8: Departure from Trondheim

On your last day in Norway, take some time to explore Trondheim before departing. Visit the Old Town Bridge, the Kristiansten Fortress, and the Rockheim museum. Then, head to the airport for your flight home.

I hope this itinerary helps you plan your trip to Norway!

Places of interest

Oslo Royal Palace Norway

Oslo Royal Palace

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Vigeland Sculpture Park Norway

Vigeland Sculpture Park

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Oslo Opera House Norway

Oslo Opera House

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Bergen Bryggen Wharf Norway

Bergen Bryggen Wharf

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Fish Market Norway

Fish Market

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Fløibanen funicular Norway

Fløibanen funicular

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Bergenhus Fortress Norway

Bergenhus Fortress

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Hanseatic Museum Norway

Hanseatic Museum

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St. Mary's Church Norway

St. Mary's Church

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Flam Railway Norway

Flam Railway

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Seven Sisters Waterfall Norway

Seven Sisters Waterfall

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Geirangerfjord Norway


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Alesund Aquarium Norway

Alesund Aquarium

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Jugendstilsenteret museum Norway

Jugendstilsenteret museum

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Nidaros Cathedral Norway

Nidaros Cathedral

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Archbishop's Palace Norway

Archbishop's Palace

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Ringve Museum Norway

Ringve Museum

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Old Town Bridge Norway

Old Town Bridge

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Kristiansten Fortress Norway

Kristiansten Fortress

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Rockheim museum Norway

Rockheim museum

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