Quebec City, Canada

4 day itinerary for Quebec City, Canada

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Quebec City is a beautiful and historic city with plenty of cultural attractions to explore. Here's an ideal itinerary for 4 days in Quebec City that will allow you to experience the best of its culture:

Day 1: Arrival and Old Quebec City Tour

  • Start your day by checking into your hotel and freshening up.
  • Head out to explore the charming streets of Old Quebec City, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Take a walking tour of the area to learn about the history and architecture of the city. You can also visit the famous Chateau Frontenac, which is a grand hotel that has been around since 1893.
  • For lunch, try some traditional Quebecois cuisine at one of the many restaurants in the area. Poutine, a dish made of fries, cheese curds, and gravy, is a must-try!
  • In the afternoon, visit the Musee de la Civilisation, which showcases the history and culture of Quebec. The museum has interactive exhibits that are perfect for all ages.
  • End your day with a stroll along the Dufferin Terrace, which offers stunning views of the St. Lawrence River.

Day 2: Art and Culture

  • Start your day with a visit to the Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec, which houses a collection of over 38,000 works of art from Quebec and around the world.
  • Afterward, head to the Quartier Petit Champlain, which is a charming neighborhood filled with boutiques, cafes, and galleries. You can spend hours exploring the area and admiring the local art.
  • For lunch, try some French-inspired cuisine at one of the many bistros in the area.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Ursulines Museum, which showcases the history of the Ursuline nuns who arrived in Quebec in the 17th century. The museum has a collection of artifacts, including clothing, furniture, and artwork.
  • End your day with a visit to the Grand Theatre de Quebec, which hosts a variety of cultural events throughout the year.

Day 3: History and Heritage

  • Start your day with a visit to the Plains of Abraham, which is a historic park that was the site of a famous battle between the French and British in 1759. The park has walking trails, gardens, and monuments that commemorate the battle.
  • Afterward, head to the Citadelle of Quebec, which is a fortress that was built by the British in the 19th century. You can take a guided tour of the fortress and learn about its history.
  • For lunch, try some traditional Quebecois meat pies at one of the local restaurants.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Maison de la litterature, which is a cultural center that showcases Quebec's literary heritage. The center has a library, bookstore, and exhibition space.
  • End your day with a visit to the Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica-Cathedral, which is a beautiful church that dates back to the 17th century.

Day 4: Nature and Adventure

  • Start your day with a visit to Montmorency Falls, which is a stunning waterfall that is higher than Niagara Falls. You can take a cable car to the top of the falls for panoramic views of the area.
  • Afterward, head to the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, which is a park that has hiking trails, suspension bridges, and ziplines.
  • For lunch, try some fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants near the falls.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Aquarium du Quebec, which is a large aquarium that has over 10,000 marine animals from around the world.
  • End your day with a sunset cruise on the St. Lawrence River, which offers breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.

I hope this itinerary helps you plan your cultural trip to Quebec City!

Places of interest

Old Quebec City Quebec City, Canada

Old Quebec City

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Chateau Frontenac Quebec City, Canada

Chateau Frontenac

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Musee de la Civilisation Quebec City, Canada

Musee de la Civilisation

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Dufferin Terrace Quebec City, Canada

Dufferin Terrace

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Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec Quebec City, Canada

Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec

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Quartier Petit Champlain Quebec City, Canada

Quartier Petit Champlain

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Ursulines Museum Quebec City, Canada

Ursulines Museum

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Grand Theatre de Quebec Quebec City, Canada

Grand Theatre de Quebec

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Plains of Abraham Quebec City, Canada

Plains of Abraham

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Citadelle of Quebec Quebec City, Canada

Citadelle of Quebec

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Maison de la litterature Quebec City, Canada

Maison de la litterature

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Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica-Cathedral Quebec City, Canada

Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica-Cathedral

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Montmorency Falls Quebec City, Canada

Montmorency Falls

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Parc de la Chute-Montmorency Quebec City, Canada

Parc de la Chute-Montmorency

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Aquarium du Quebec Quebec City, Canada

Aquarium du Quebec

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St. Lawrence River Quebec City, Canada

St. Lawrence River

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