1 day itinerary for Rome

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Sure, I'd be happy to help you plan your one-day itinerary in Rome! Here's a suggested itinerary that will allow you to see some of the city's most famous landmarks and attractions:

Morning: Start your day with a visit to the Colosseum, one of Rome's most iconic landmarks. You can take a guided tour or explore on your own, but either way, make sure to arrive early to avoid the crowds.

Afternoon: Next, head over to the Roman Forum, which is located just a short walk from the Colosseum. This ancient site was once the center of political and social life in Rome, and it's filled with fascinating ruins and artifacts.

Lunch: For lunch, stop by one of the many trattorias or pizzerias in the area. You'll find plenty of delicious options, from classic margherita pizza to hearty pasta dishes.

Evening: In the evening, head to the Pantheon, one of Rome's most impressive architectural wonders. This ancient temple has been standing for nearly 2,000 years, and its dome is still considered an engineering marvel.

Dinner: For dinner, head to Trastevere, a charming neighborhood known for its narrow streets, colorful buildings, and lively nightlife. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from, so take your time exploring and finding the perfect spot.

Nightlife: If you're up for it, end your night with a visit to one of Rome's many bars or clubs. From rooftop lounges to underground speakeasies, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city.

I hope this itinerary helps you make the most of your one day in Rome!

Places of interest

Colosseum Rome


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Roman Forum Rome

Roman Forum

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Trattorias and pizzerias in the area Rome

Trattorias and pizzerias in the area

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Pantheon Rome


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Trastevere neighborhood Rome

Trastevere neighborhood

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Restaurants and bars in Trastevere Rome

Restaurants and bars in Trastevere

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Bars or clubs in Rome Rome

Bars or clubs in Rome

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