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14 day itinerary for Route 66, Usa

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A 14-day road trip on Route 66 is a fantastic way to explore the heart of America. Here's an ideal itinerary for your trip:

Day 1: Start in Chicago, Illinois

  • Visit Millennium Park and take a selfie with the famous "Bean"
  • Walk along the Magnificent Mile and shop at the stores
  • Have dinner at one of the many restaurants in the city

Day 2: Chicago to Springfield, Illinois (200 miles)

Day 3: Springfield to St. Louis, Missouri (100 miles)

Day 4: St. Louis to Lebanon, Missouri (150 miles)

Day 5: Lebanon to Tulsa, Oklahoma (250 miles)

Day 6: Tulsa to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (100 miles)

Day 7: Oklahoma City to Amarillo, Texas (260 miles)

Day 8: Amarillo to Santa Fe, New Mexico (290 miles)

Day 9: Santa Fe to Gallup, New Mexico (140 miles)

Day 10: Gallup to Flagstaff, Arizona (200 miles)

Day 11: Flagstaff to Kingman, Arizona (175 miles)

Day 12: Kingman to Las Vegas, Nevada (100 miles)

Day 13: Las Vegas to Los Angeles, California (270 miles)

Day 14: Los Angeles, California

That's it! A 14-day road trip on Route 66 is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the journey and take lots of pictures!

Places of interest

Millennium Park Route 66, Usa

Millennium Park

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Magnificent Mile Route 66, Usa

Magnificent Mile

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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Route 66, Usa

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

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Illinois State Capitol Building Route 66, Usa

Illinois State Capitol Building

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Cozy Dog Drive-In Route 66, Usa

Cozy Dog Drive-In

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Gateway Arch Route 66, Usa

Gateway Arch

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Missouri Botanical Garden Route 66, Usa

Missouri Botanical Garden

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Pappy's Smokehouse Route 66, Usa

Pappy's Smokehouse

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Meramec Caverns Route 66, Usa

Meramec Caverns

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Munger Moss Motel Route 66, Usa

Munger Moss Motel

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Wrinks Market Cafe Route 66, Usa

Wrinks Market Cafe

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Route 66 Museum Route 66, Usa

Route 66 Museum

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Blue Whale of Catoosa Route 66, Usa

Blue Whale of Catoosa

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Burn Co. Barbecue Route 66, Usa

Burn Co. Barbecue

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Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum Route 66, Usa

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

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Myriad Botanical Gardens Route 66, Usa

Myriad Botanical Gardens

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The Jones Assembly Route 66, Usa

The Jones Assembly

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Cadillac Ranch Route 66, Usa

Cadillac Ranch

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Midpoint Cafe Route 66, Usa

Midpoint Cafe

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The Big Texan Steak Ranch Route 66, Usa

The Big Texan Steak Ranch

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Palo Duro Canyon State Park Route 66, Usa

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

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Tucumcari Historical Museum Route 66, Usa

Tucumcari Historical Museum

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The Shed Route 66, Usa

The Shed

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Bandelier National Monument Route 66, Usa

Bandelier National Monument

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Petrified Forest National Park Route 66, Usa

Petrified Forest National Park

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El Rancho Hotel & Motel Route 66, Usa

El Rancho Hotel & Motel

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Meteor Crater Route 66, Usa

Meteor Crater

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Wigwam Motel Route 66, Usa

Wigwam Motel

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Tinderbox Kitchen Route 66, Usa

Tinderbox Kitchen

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Grand Canyon National Park Route 66, Usa

Grand Canyon National Park

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Hackberry General Store Route 66, Usa

Hackberry General Store

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Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner Route 66, Usa

Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner

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Hoover Dam Route 66, Usa

Hoover Dam

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Neon Museum Route 66, Usa

Neon Museum

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Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Route 66, Usa

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen

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Joshua Tree National Park Route 66, Usa

Joshua Tree National Park

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Santa Monica Pier Route 66, Usa

Santa Monica Pier

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In-N-Out Burger Route 66, Usa

In-N-Out Burger

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Hollywood Walk of Fame Route 66, Usa

Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Getty Center Route 66, Usa

Getty Center

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The Ivy Route 66, Usa

The Ivy

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