Spanish Pyrennees

10 day itinerary for Spanish Pyrennees

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The Spanish Pyrenees are a stunning destination with plenty of natural beauty, charming towns, and outdoor activities to keep you busy for 10 days. Here's an ideal itinerary for your trip:

Day 1: Arrival in Pamplona

Start your trip in the charming city of Pamplona, famous for its Running of the Bulls festival. Spend the day exploring the city's historic center, including the Plaza del Castillo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, and the Citadel.

Day 2: Hiking in the Pyrenees

Head to the Pyrenees and spend the day hiking in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. This park is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the Pyrenees, including waterfalls, canyons, and mountain peaks.

Day 3: Canyoning in Ainsa

Ainsa is a picturesque medieval town located in the heart of the Pyrenees. Spend the day canyoning in the nearby canyons, where you can rappel down waterfalls, jump into natural pools, and slide down natural water slides.

Day 4: Wine Tasting in Somontano

The Somontano region is known for its excellent wines, and there are plenty of wineries to visit in the area. Spend the day touring wineries, tasting local wines, and enjoying the beautiful countryside.

Day 5: Mountain Biking in Benasque

Benasque is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and there are plenty of activities to choose from. Spend the day mountain biking in the surrounding mountains, taking in the stunning views of the Pyrenees.

Day 6: Relax in Jaca

Jaca is a charming town located in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Spend the day exploring the town's historic center, including the Citadel and the Cathedral of Jaca. Relax in one of the town's many cafes or restaurants, and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

Day 7: Skiing in Formigal

Formigal is one of the largest ski resorts in the Pyrenees, with over 100 kilometers of ski runs. Spend the day skiing or snowboarding, taking in the stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Day 8: Hot Air Balloon Ride in Huesca

Huesca is a beautiful city located in the heart of the Pyrenees. Take a hot air balloon ride over the city and the surrounding countryside, enjoying the stunning views from above.

Day 9: Horseback Riding in Biescas

Biescas is a small town located in the Pyrenees, known for its beautiful countryside and outdoor activities. Spend the day horseback riding in the surrounding mountains, taking in the stunning views of the Pyrenees.

Day 10: Departure

On your last day, take some time to relax and reflect on your trip. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, take a stroll through the town, and say goodbye to the Pyrenees before heading home.

Places of interest

Pamplona Spanish Pyrennees


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Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park Spanish Pyrennees

Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park

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Ainsa Spanish Pyrennees


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Somontano (wine region) Spanish Pyrennees

Somontano (wine region)

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Benasque Spanish Pyrennees


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Jaca Spanish Pyrennees


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Formigal (ski resort) Spanish Pyrennees

Formigal (ski resort)

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Huesca Spanish Pyrennees


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Biescas Spanish Pyrennees


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