1 day itinerary for Split

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Sure, here's an ideal itinerary for one day in Split:

Morning: Start your day with a visit to the Diocletian's Palace, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient palace was built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century AD and is now home to many shops, restaurants, and museums. You can explore the palace on your own or take a guided tour to learn more about its history.

Afternoon: Next, head to the Riva Promenade, which is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Here, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, take in the views of the Adriatic Sea, and grab a bite to eat at one of the many cafes and restaurants.

Evening: In the evening, make your way to Marjan Hill, which is a beautiful park that offers stunning views of the city and the sea. You can hike up to the top of the hill or take a taxi to the lookout point. Once you reach the top, you can watch the sunset and enjoy a picnic dinner while taking in the breathtaking views.

Night: Finally, end your day with a visit to the Old Town, which is known for its vibrant nightlife. There are many bars and clubs in the area where you can dance the night away or simply enjoy a drink with friends. Some popular spots include Charlie's Bar, Hemingway Bar, and Ghetto Club.

Overall, this itinerary will give you a taste of the best that Split has to offer in just one day. However, if you have more time, there are many other attractions and activities to explore in this beautiful city.

Places of interest

Diocletian's Palace Split

Diocletian's Palace

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Riva Promenade Split

Riva Promenade

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Marjan Hill Split

Marjan Hill

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Old Town Split

Old Town

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Charlie's Bar Split

Charlie's Bar

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Hemingway Bar Split

Hemingway Bar

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Ghetto Club Split

Ghetto Club

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