5 day itinerary for Vannes

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Vannes is a beautiful city in Brittany, France, with a rich history and culture. Here's an ideal itinerary for 5 days in Vannes:

Day 1: Arrival and City Tour

  • Start your day by exploring the historic center of Vannes, which is surrounded by medieval walls and has many charming streets and buildings.
  • Visit the Place des Lices, a lively square with a weekly market and many cafes and restaurants.
  • Take a stroll along the port and admire the boats and yachts.
  • Visit the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, a beautiful Gothic church with stunning stained glass windows.
  • End your day with a delicious dinner at one of the many seafood restaurants in the city.

Day 2: Gulf of Morbihan

  • Take a boat tour of the Gulf of Morbihan, a stunning natural area with many islands and beaches.
  • Visit the Île-aux-Moines, a picturesque island with beautiful beaches and hiking trails.
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach and soak up the sun.
  • Return to Vannes in the evening and have dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 3: Carnac and Quiberon

  • Take a day trip to Carnac, a nearby town famous for its prehistoric standing stones.
  • Visit the Carnac Stones, a collection of over 3,000 megalithic stones arranged in rows and circles.
  • Drive to Quiberon, a beautiful peninsula with stunning beaches and cliffs.
  • Take a walk along the coast and enjoy the breathtaking views.
  • Have dinner at a local seafood restaurant and try some of the local specialties.

Day 4: Locmariaquer and Auray

  • Visit the town of Locmariaquer, known for its oysters and seafood.
  • Take a boat tour of the Gulf of Morbihan and visit the nearby island of Houat.
  • Drive to Auray, a charming town with a beautiful harbor and many historic buildings.
  • Visit the Saint-Goustan district, a picturesque area with many cafes and restaurants.
  • Have dinner at a local restaurant and try some of the delicious Breton cuisine.

Day 5: Departure

  • Spend your last day in Vannes exploring the city at your own pace.
  • Visit any attractions you missed earlier in the trip or simply relax and enjoy the local atmosphere.
  • Have a farewell lunch at a local restaurant and say goodbye to this beautiful city.

I hope this itinerary helps you plan your trip to Vannes and enjoy all that this wonderful city has to offer!

Places of interest

Place des Lices Vannes

Place des Lices

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Saint-Pierre Cathedral Vannes

Saint-Pierre Cathedral

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Gulf of Morbihan Vannes

Gulf of Morbihan

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Île-aux-Moines Vannes


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Carnac Stones Vannes

Carnac Stones

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Quiberon Vannes


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Locmariaquer Vannes


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Houat Island Vannes

Houat Island

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Auray Vannes


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Saint-Goustan district Vannes

Saint-Goustan district

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